-Our Mission-

These issues have been carefully selected to focus our efforts as they affect us; the working class people of this great nation who have fought to make America what it is today and will continue to fight to ensure that the working class prospers as we face new challenges and adversity from opposition.

Protect Your Retirement

Social Security is essential for  millions of retirees. We must    develop a new way to provide    workers with a lifetime          retirement security.

Balancing Work and Life

No one should be forced to put their career before their family.  The daily pressures of balancing our work lives with that of our family only gets more complicated as life just   continues to “happen." 


Every child deserves access to a high-quality education; from the outset all the way through receiving assistance paying for higher  education opportunities.


We must support a comprehensive, worker-centered approach as part of a common-sense  immigration process.

Health Care Reform

America must continue             moving toward a more            equitable and cost-effective         health care system. The worst      thing Legislatures could do is       move backward by repealing    the Affordable Care Act.

Workplace Safety

In order to keep up with new  technology and foreign competition our safety is often secondary.  Workplace safety is essential and a human right. Legislatures must impose strict penalties on employers that   don’t comply.

Fair Trade

Our Trade and Investment            policies have favored corporate    America and have failed to            protect the rights of workers and have fueled a race to the bottom   in living standards.  We must        work to bring Industry back to          the U.S.

Economic Development

We must create jobs to help      restore America’s middle class and challenge policies that stand in the way of giving America the  chance to go back to work.

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