Organizing: The process of joining a Union.

How to organize (join a Union) at your Job - Step by Step:

1. Identify the problems at your workplace by asking the following questions:
  1. Do I receive a wage increase every year?
  2. Do I receive health insurance / do I have to pay for health insurance?
  3. Is there favoritism at the job?
  4. Do I receive enough paid sick and personal time?
  5. Do I have a pension or retirement plan?
  6. Do I have job security / can my boss fire me at any time?
  7. Does my boss change work place policies without asking employees?
2. Identify people who feel the same way that you feel?
  1. Have you heard others complaining or talking about poor work conditions?
3. Contact an I.B.E.W Local Union 1430 representative today (everything is confidential):
  1. Call (914) 948-3771.
  2. Ask for a Union Agent who can help you join the Union.
  3. Tell the Union Agent about some of the problems you and your coworkers would like to change at the job.
  4. Set up a time and place to meet with the Union Agent to learn more about how I.B.E.W Local Union 1430 can help you and your coworkers.

When people are sick they go to a doctor. When people have problems with the law they hire a lawyer. When people have problems at the workplace they join a Union.

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